Data Analyst – Product Operations (Contract, Remote EU)

Data Analyst – Product Operations

4 Month Contract (minimum) 
Remote EU - Preference is given to Germany and England candidates 

Our client is a fast-growing e-commerce analytics company actively seeking an experienced and results-driven contractor to lead the development of a KPI tree and operational dashboard aligned with Product Operations principles. This is a 4-month full-time contract with the potential to extend.

Job Overview:

  • Objective: Conduct data analysis and implement a KPI tree and operational dashboard focused on Product Operations, emphasizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and user-centric metrics.


  • Infrastructure Setup:
    • Combine existing data with necessary data infrastructure, leveraging tools such as Google Sheets, databases, and others to facilitate seamless data collection and analysis.
  • KPI Tree Development:
    • Design and implement a structured KPI tree that aligns with Product Operations objectives and goals.
  • Dashboard Design:
    • Create a visually compelling operational dashboard that effectively represents key KPIs and metrics relevant to Product Operations.
  • Data Integration:
    • Integrate diverse data sources to ensure accurate and real-time tracking of user segments, actions, and other relevant operational data.
  • Process Creation:
    • Develop efficient and scalable processes for data collection, ensuring a streamlined approach to updating and maintaining the operational dashboard.
  • Training and Documentation:
    • Provide strong facilitation in remote, asynchronous settings, conducting hands-on training sessions and creating comprehensive documentation outlining the setup, processes, and key functionalities for future reference.


  • Proven experience as a Data Analyst, with a focus on setting up KPI trees and operational dashboards. Case studies/work examples will be required for interviews.
  • Expertise in data infrastructure, showcasing proficiency in major tools and platforms.
  • Strong understanding of Product Operations principles and their application to business processes and growth.
  • Demonstrated ability to translate complex metrics into actionable insights.
  • Remote EU (Germany and England candidates only)


  • Strong facilitation skills for remote, asynchronous collaboration.
  • Effective communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Detail-oriented with a focus on delivering high-quality, actionable insights.


  • $45/hr and up, based on experience 
  • Preference is given to candidates from Germany and England

If you are a skilled Data Analyst with experience in KPI tree development and operational dashboard setup, along with strong facilitation skills for remote, asynchronous work, we invite you to apply for this exciting 4-month opportunity. Your contributions will be instrumental in optimizing our product-focused operations and enhancing decision-making through actionable insights.