What UX/CX Talent is Looking for in a Hot Job Market

What UX/CX Talent is Looking for in a Hot Job Market

If you’re looking for UX/CX talent right now, be aware that the job market for these positions has never been tighter. There are more open positions than there are UX and CX pros to fill them. As such, candidates in this field have become far more selective about the positions they’re willing to accept.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what UX/CX talent wants out of a job, and how you can make your position more attractive to candidates in this field.

The Importance of Corporate Culture

Today’s UX and CX professionals are looking for more than just a paycheck – UX/CX talent wants to work on exciting projects and initiatives and activities that have a significant impact. UX Hires Director of Recruiting Lois Siegel noted, “Senior UX people want to work in environments where design is valued, and their efforts are recognized. And they want their salaries to reflect that.”

Those qualities are rooted in corporate culture. If a company’s leaders don’t hold UX and CX in high esteem, they’re not going to truly appreciate UX and CX professionals. The c-suite will treat these employees as though they’re commodities. In today’s incredibly competitive UX and CX job market, candidates don’t want to be treated like they’re a commodity – they want to be appreciated for the skills, talent, and passion they bring to a company.

The global pandemic served as an inflection point for many employees (both within UX and CX and in other fields). They realized they wanted to work at an organization that reflected their personal values, and if their current company didn’t offer that, they were ready to move forward. Peter Kornberg, CEO, UX Hires, commented, “One thing we’re seeing is ‘mission matters’. People are increasingly going for roles in companies that rank high in social impact. They view their individual contributions as being valuable not only to make money, but to help solve real world challenges, which is also at the core of UX as a discipline.” A survey conducted by UX Hires in February 2022 revealed that 22% of respondents place corporate culture as the most critical aspect of a new job.

Remote/Hybrid Work

Many UX/CX professionals now want to work remotely, or are open to a hybrid work model. It offers better work-life balance, and it gives them an opportunity to better control their work environment. A third of respondents in the UX Hires survey from February 2022 said this was the most important factor in a new job.

Organizations that insist on employees working on-site will find themselves losing out to more flexible companies. Kornberg stated, “Almost all candidates we speak with cite remote – usually fully-remote – as one of the top requirements for having a conversation with employers. This isn’t just because it’s in vogue – many of them have already moved and have adjusted their lives to accommodate remote roles.”

The Opportunity for Promotion and Personal Growth

UX and CX talent want the opportunities for promotion and personal growth. This shouldn’t come as any surprise – everyone wants to feel that there’s room for growth at their company. Show UX and CX talent that they have a chance to develop within your company, and they’ll be more likely to choose you because you’ve shown you’re invested in them.

Don’t miss out on top UX and CX talent – a trusted expert can help you identify what these professionals are looking for so you can attract the best candidates. Contact us to learn more.